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We Have a Mission…

By 3 July 2017Community

At the start of this group is was felt we needed a core set of values that we could agree to move the group forward.  This is not exhaustive but it’s a good start:

I think a good place to start is with the values of the group, even if we don’t nail down the mission statement we should agree our values (feel free to add your own):

    • we will always operate in an ethical manner
    • we will share our ideas & products openly and freely
    • we will benefit the wider community
    • we will invest any income generated back into supporting the group
    • we will create a pleasant working environment for all
    • we will work together in a democratic way


  • To create an open-sourced, community-led group that engages and stimulates tech minded individuals.
  • To use and share technology to educate and engage our local community.
  • To provide a safe space to create technology-led innovations that benefit the local community.
  • To be a local leader in creating technology-led solutions for our community.

I use code from a previous project and share that with the group?

When you share something with the group, be it an idea or something more tangible like code then it is considered ‘open sourced’ to the group. Anyone within the group can reasonably expect to use that without compensating you in any way, whether or not they had been working directly with you. If you are in doubt if you can share, we would ask you not to.

I work on a project that might make money?

If you are applying for funding or taking your product to a commercial platform you will make every effort to inform the group of your intentions before making an application for funding or selling commercially. It is expected that you will give those individuals that supported you within the group, an opportunity to work alongside you if they wish. The terms of that agreement will be outside the remit of the group.

What does the group get out of it?

The group’s primary focus is to create an innovative hub that is fun and supportive. Any individual or company that profits from what they learn or use within the group is to be congratulated. It will be left to indivduals to decide if and how they wish to re-invest into the group.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Come along and hang out, who knows what might happen. I haven’t a clue what I am doing almost all of the time…

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